How SocMetrics Determines Topical Influence

Knowing who is influential in your space is quite valuable, yet figuring out how and why they have influence is far from simple. At SocMetrics we take a broad view to account for many different factors that can validate and qualify how influential someone is. First and foremost, we are focused on showing influence in a way that is actionable and useful for marketing agencies, PR firms, and social-media savvy companies to connect with those who are really relevant to their specific niche.

We use a topical influence score of up to 100 to rank Influencers on factors including

We rely on many other factors, some automated and some leveraging human curation, to determine influence. The SocMetrics Influence Rank -displayed on a scale out of 100- is intended to be directional, not exact. We provide tools to learn more about each influencer and understand whether they are a good fit, as well as ways to filter influencers to easily customize your list.

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