About SocMetrics

Want to create stronger word-of-mouth and increase sales?

Get more ROI from your social media investments?

We help leading agencies and brands identify and engage topical influencers and turn them into advocates.

SocMetrics Topical Influencer Platform

We provide a Web-based self-service platform that helps you to
  • Identify existing influencers for your niche
  • Understand the most promising advocates
  • Engage your target list in authentic ways
  • Drive your desired messages and actions
  • Monitor and analyze campaign ROI
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Our story

SocMetrics was started by serial entrepreneurs Rebecca Xiong, Jason Toy, and Roy Rodenstein.
Our mission with SocMetrics is to help great products succeed.
There are many innovative products and companies that never get a chance to grow. While there may be a solid team creating the product, they may not have the right skills to get the word out among people who will love their product and help them. Likewise, people who would really care about their product often don't know it even exists. We want to change this.
SocMetrics was born while we were initially working on another project. While preparing to launch we spent tremendous amounts of time trying to find and connect with the appropriate influencers in our space. We manually searched for people across Google, Twitter, Blogs, and other sources, and even tried many tools to try and figure out who were the right people we needed to engage with.
After spending weeks researching, and getting frustrated by how difficult and inaccurate a process it was, we built a basic prototype that made it easier for us to more accurately identify the relevant bloggers and other topical influencers. Talking with other entrepreneurs and a few agencies, we quickly realized this is a common problem that many businesses run into as they look for effective ways to launch.
The core idea we're developing at SocMetrics is helping agencies and brands leverage the potential of social media to get their message out in an authentic way -- whether for product launches, lead generation, crisis response, etc. -- by creating a more systematic and accurate way to find and engage highly targeted influencers.
We look forward to helping your great products succeed.